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Presentation: amapodo #TEAFAVS tea glass

amapodo tea glass – trendy and mobile tea pleasure. Anytime, anywhere.

You are a tea drinker – casual, modern, mobile? Style and comfort on the road and @work are important to you? Are you interested in natural materials and sustainability?

You could become friends – the puristic-looking amapodo tea glass and you. In winter, it offers you hot tea and serves as a hand warmers and during the summer heat keeps your drink cool. With the #TEAFAVS tea glass , you can enjoy your favorite tea anywhere: Always available for tea at work or during lunch time on the lawn in the park, on the journey or on the way to the job, fast breakfast or cinema. With the #TEAFAVS tea glass from amapodo you are located in the modern teetrend.

Bamboo, glass and a variable tea strainer – tea glass amapodo #TEAFAVS

The daily use is as awesome as simple. The content of the doublewall glass made of borosilicate remains hot inside – outside hand warm. The tea leaves or fruit mixture you either in the second-part sieve from stainless steel or directly into double-walled glass. Borosilicate glass is temperature-resistant from 0 to 110 ° C. After the infusion you can enjoy the coloring of your favorite tea and see how it unfolds! In the first few minutes you should still be a bit careful when drinking: the tea is still very hot.

The cover of the #TEAFAVS tea glass made of naturally grown bamboo tops the look – every piece is unique.

With a quarter turn of the high-quality thread your 450 ml tea is absolutely safe. The tea glass holds a pleasant drinking temperature for up to 2 hours. You can enjoy the drink in the business, at home or on the road directly from the thermokanne or into a tea cup. The comfortable, 60 mm wide drinking opening of the #TEAFAVS tea glass offers both options.

Asian aesthetics – high functionality

The simplicity of the design goes hand in hand with practical handling: If you have drunk your thermotecan, you can use the tea leaves or fruits for one or more further infusions. So you are on the road and in the job independent of available drinks and can enjoy your favorite tea at any time.

If you are not a convinced tea-drinking fraction, the trendy thermo tea glass can also be used for your coffee or other drinks. Infuse – let go – enjoy. When and wherever you like.



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Presentation: Bamboo tea infuser by amapodo

amapodo bamboo tea infuser #TEAFAVS – trendy and mobile pleasure.

Whether it’s tea or coffee, amapodo’s bamboo tea infuser provides stylish and comfortable enjoyment. When you’re on the road, at home, or working on natural materials and sustainability, you can hardly get around the bamboo tea infuser.

The minimalist yet high-quality amapodo bamboo tea infuser offers you hot tea in winter and in the summer heat keeps your drink cool. You can take the bamboo tea infuser #TEAFAVS everywhere – so you have your favorite tea or coffee at work, on the journey, the way to the job or at the fast breakfast handy. With the #TEAFAVS bamboo tea infuser from amapodo you are fully in teetrend.

Bamboo and stainless steel – sustainability meets design

The daily use of the amapodo bamboo tea infuser is very simple. For example, you place the tea leaves or fruit mixture directly into the bamboo tea infuser and then insert the filter. Then just pour in hot water and then enjoy your infusion. The screen filters the tea – so the tea leaves remain in the bamboo tea infuser and you have only the pure tea in the mouth.

By the way, after use, clean the tea infuser quickly and easily by rinsing it with clear water and a little detergent.

#TEAFAVS bamboo tea infuser made of naturally grown bamboo – every piece is unique!

With a quarter turn of the high-quality thread, your 400ml tea is absolutely safe. The bamboo tea infuser keeps your tea warm for up to two hours. The comfortable, 60 mm wide drinking opening of the bamboo tea infuser #TEAFAVS by amapodo offers you two options for drinking – you can enjoy the beverage in the business, home or on the road directly from the bamboo thermocouple or into a tea mug.

Natural look – high functionality

The bamboo tea infuser #TEAFAVS has a simple yet appealing design and is practically in use. You can use the tea leaves or fruits for one or more infusions once you have drunk your bamboo thermokanne once. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite drink at any time.

By the way, if you are not part of the tea drinker: You can also use the trendy trendy bamboo thermo tea infuser for your coffee or other hot drinks. Infuse – let go – enjoy. Whenever you want. Wherever you want.



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